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Custom Amendment Mix (WCP 33)

EarthWorks Amendment Mix is a pre-moistened blend of carefully selected organic compost, aged forest products, and premium washed steer humus which is formulated for all landscape planting applications.

The organic compost adds beneficial humus to the soil; the thoroughly composted wood products prevent rapid fiber breakdown; and the washed steer humus and peat moss are used for their water retention features.

this complete planting mix may be used for turf and ground cover planting, flower and vegetable gardens, roses, trees, container plants, shrubs, shade plants and acid loving plants.  It is also a superb mulch an topdressing.


  • General soil preparation: 3 cu. yds. per 1,000 sq. ft., till into the top 6".
  • Plant pit backfill: 7 parts native soil to 3 parts planting mix.


  • Composted wood products, peat moss, washed steer humus, coffee grinds.

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