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Peat Moss

A highly organic, fibrous sphagnum or reed sedge peat moss helps balance aeration and water retention with its natural cellular structure.  It adds valuable humus to the soil, while increasing moisture retention and friability.  The low pH and ECE makes peat moss an ideal organic matter for pH and salt reduction programs.

This premium peat moss is uniformly milled and screened and has consistent quality.  It may be used for mixing with sandy or clay soils, compost, mulch, special mixes, colorbeds and as an all around landscape amendment.


  • General soil preparation:
    • 5 bags per 200 sq. ft. or 2 cu. yds. per 1,000 sq. ft.  Rototill/spade into the soil 6-8" deep.
  • Seedcover for new lawns:
    • 3 bags per 200 sq. ft. or 1 cu. yd. per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Mulching:
    • 1/2" uniform layer in bedding areas.  Rototill/spade into the soil 6-8" deep.


  • Sphagnum and reed sedge peat moss.


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